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Supplier Information

Rockline Industries is a world class manufacturer of premium quality coffee filters & wet wipe products for both branded and private label categories with an excellent reputation among our customers, our suppliers, and our communities.

Rockline’s suppliers are critical to our success. We believe that an excellent supplier base that has the ability to provide us with high quality raw materials at a competitive price and with excellent service provides the foundation for Rockline to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. As such, we are committed to building solid supplier relationships and recognizing those suppliers that perform at a high level for us - as demonstrated by the Nonwovens Supplier of the Year and the Supplier Innovation awards.

Rockline Industries is a responsible company that operates at the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and our expectations are the same for our suppliers. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all of our business dealings.

Rockline’s Procurement organization’s top priority is understanding and meeting our business and customer’s needs. As such, Rockline selects and continues to do business with suppliers that:

  • Provide the best value combination of quality, reliability and cost
  • Demonstrate a commitment to reliable, high quality supply relationships
  • Have the capability to provide unique & creative solutions, services and raw materials to support innovation
  • Collaborate with Rockline to drive competitive and product performance through differentiation
  • Join Rockline in efforts to set the standard for sustainability and embody highly responsible ethical business practices including sustainable labor practices

We encourage both potential & existing suppliers to use this site to learn more about partnering with Rockline Industries. It is intended to provide suppliers with valuable tools & information needed to be a successful supplier to Rockline.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Supplier Sustainability
  • Confidential Information
  • What We Buy

Doing Business with Rockline

Supplier Code of Conduct
Rockline is proud of its leadership and reputation as a global world-class manufacturer that is committed to the highest ethical standards. Our organization is based on the principle of integrity. We will embrace continuous change and focus on results but never compromise our integrity for financial gain. Nothing is more important than Rockline’s reputation.

Rockline expects that its Suppliers will share and embrace the letter and spirit of our commitment to integrity. We understand Suppliers are independent entities; however, the business practices and actions of a Supplier may impact and/or reflect upon Rockline. Because of this we require all Suppliers and their employees, agents and subcontractors to adhere to the Rockline Supplier Code of Conduct while they are conducting business with and/or on behalf of Rockline.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Sustainability
Rockline Industries has made a commitment to improve their sustainability. Sustainability within our procurement organization means selecting suppliers, materials and services that consider the environmental impact when evaluating total cost, and building relationships with suppliers who behave in a responsible and sustainable manner. In order to evaluate a supplier’s sustainability efforts key Rockline suppliers are required to complete a Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard on an annual basis. A suppliers performance on the Environmental Sustainability Scorecard is taken seriously and is included as part of the suppliers performance review.

Supplier Sustainability

Confidential Information
In the course of doing business with Rockline Industries it is common that confidential information will need to be shared by both Rockline and our suppliers. Rockline treats both our confidential information and the supplier’s confidential information very seriously. In order to maintain high ethical standards, encourage professional courtesy, and uphold our corporate image, supplier confidentiality is maintained by all Rockline associates. In return, suppliers are expected to maintain Rockline's confidentiality and conduct business ethically without creating a conflict of interest. In order to protect both our suppliers and ourselves, Rockline requires our suppliers to enter into a Bilateral Nondisclosure Agreement with Rockline.

Confidential Information

What We Buy
Rockline’s procurement organization is responsible for sourcing a wide range of substrates, packaging, chemicals, operating supplies, and other goods and services to support our operations. We invite you to review our "What We Buy" list for a complete listing of significant commodities that we purchase.

What we buy

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 requires retailers and manufacturers doing business in California, like Rockline Industries, to disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains.

Rockline California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 

Rockline Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Rockline Standard Terms and Conditions