Ralph and Clare Rudolph Scholarship

I am pleased to announce this year’s Ralph and Clare Rudolph Scholarship was awarded to two individuals. The winner of the 4 year scholarship is Stephanie Sandoval. Her father is Jose Orlando Sandoval; an Asset Coordinator in Springdale. She will receive $2,000 per year for the next four years as she pursues a degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Arkansas. Stephanie will be graduating from Springdale High School this spring.

The winner of the 2 year scholarship is Nathan Fritz. His father is Perry Fritz; the Enterprise Operations Manager, located in Sheboygan. Nathan is planning to attend Lakeshore Technical College. He will receive $1,000 a year for two years as he pursues a degree in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement from Lakeshore Technical College. Nathan will be graduating from Sheboygan North High School this spring.     

The scholarship was developed as a way for the late Mr. Ralph Rudolph and his wife Clare to give back to the employees who have helped make Rockline successful. Having lived through the Great Depression, the Rudolph’s saw how economic hardship could take away people’s material possessions. The one thing it cannot take away is someone’s education.

The Community Foundation of Fox Valley manages the application and selection process for the scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement and community service.