Rockline Industries Quality Policy

Rockline Industries is committed to safety, quality, integrity, sustainability, and excellence in everything we do. 

We consistently meet both customer and regulatory requirements by continually improving the process through which we develop, manufacture, and deliver our products. 

Our success will be measured through customer satisfaction. 

At Rockline Industries, associates at all levels of the organization live the commitment in our Quality Policy on a daily basis in a variety of ways: 

  • Customer Focus.  We understand and meet customer needs and expectations by seeking feedback, listening, and acting on what our customers tell us.
  • Safe and Effective Products.  We manufacture safe and effective products that surpass government regulations and industry standards. Our operations comply with U.S. FDA, Health Canada, and European Union regulations governing current Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Regulatory Compliance.  All of our products are subject to several layers of review to ensure they comply with all applicable regulations, including drug, medical device, cosmetic, and consumer product safety, among others.
  • Training and Development.  We empower our associates to make quality decisions by providing them with the latest training, skills, and knowledge relevant to our operations.
  • Supplier Relationships.  We engage our suppliers in constructive and mutually beneficial relationships that stress the importance of quality.
  • Capable Processes.  We apply quality tools and statistical methods to ensure our manufacturing processes are capable and in control.
  • Problem Solving.  We apply sophisticated, data-based problem-solving methods to identify problems and apply corrective actions.
  • Continuous Improvement.  We apply a variety of proven approaches, including the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, to continually improve our processes, reduce waste, and eliminate process variation.