• professional development

    professional development

Associate Development Program – Rockline’s most valued assets are its people and the knowledge and experience these people possess. To nurture and cultivate our associates potential and skills, Rockline has established an Associate Development Program. This program consists of two development tracks.

Personal Development Track – This track covers reimbursement for a formal education that an Associate is principally receiving for personal gain, but may in some way benefit Rockline.

Professional Development Track – Through this track, we provide extensive on the job training. This track also covers payment for professional development training (such as seminars or training classes) that will directly benefit an associate and their current position.

Corporate Job Posting Policy – Rockline Industries is dedicated to assisting Associates in pursuing and reaching their professional goals through internal promotion and transfer opportunities.  The Rockline Industries Corporate Internal Job Posting Policy enables Associates to apply for and align themselves with open positions of interest.